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Professor Martin Birchall, Consultant ENT Surgeon and Laryngeal Specialist a member of RefluxUK's multidisciplinary team

Professor Martin Birchall
Consultant ENT Surgeon and Laryngeal Specialist

Professor Birchall is one of the world's leading laryngeal specialists with 150 papers and £2M in laryngeal related grant income every year. He has trained in London, Liverpool and Australia and was a Professor in Bristol, Liverpool and now UCL London, as well as having an honorary position at the University of California, Davis, where he co-led the team that performed the world's second ever documented laryngeal and tracheal transplant.

He lead a cutting edge research group working on stem cell and transplantation approaches to serious airway disease. He led the groups that performed the world's first stem cell based organ transplants in an adult (2008) and a child (2010).Professor Birchall is one of only four ENT surgeons listed in the Sunday Times 'Top 100 Surgeons' list, 2011, and was Briton of the Year (Science and Technology), 2008 along with this. Professor Birchall has written published work on the effects of reflux on the throat, as well as on many aspects of head and neck disease. In clinic, he uses the latest in imaging technology to view the throat of patients with various problems including voice, swallowing and breathing. He also sees patients with chronic coughs and is an expert in treating pharyngeal pouches, with 75% of his practice being patients referred from other consultants due to the difficulty of their problems.

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