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Pauline - Surrey
LINX® Treatment

Success Story, Pauline - Surrey

"My magic magnets"

52 year old Pauline from Surrey was the victim of a terrible and painful cough which interrupted conversations at very inopportune times. This proved to be both painful and embarrassing for her, prompting her to go to see her GP. At first, she was told she was experiencing asthma but she was unconvinced as she didn’t have any other symptoms. She was prescribed with an inhaler despite her worries and when the cough didn’t ease she was merely given an even stronger inhaler. Pushing the subject, Pauline was given an x-ray which revealed that she was dealing with GORD (Gastro Oesophageal Reflux Disease). While on PPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors) her cough eased somewhat but they made her feel very ill.

She was eventually sent for tests, this involved an endoscopy which revealed that she had a Hiatus Hernia. She sought out the advice of a colleague who had suffered the same issue. He recommended the LINX® surgery and put her in touch with his surgeon. This surgeon performed the LINX® operation and repaired her Hiatus Hernia in the process.

Though she expected her throat to be sore after the operation it was not and crucially she didn’t have the urge to cough either. She says she’s not experienced problems since and would put the surgery down as a real success.

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