Centre for the Treatment of Reflux

Learn how one of the most advanced reflux centres in the UK can help manage your reflux and improve your quality of life

Patients with reflux symptoms are often given lifestyle advice and prescribed anti-acids. Medication can help control symptoms but can have long term consequences.

At RefluxUK we offer you the most up to date diagnostic tests and treatments including BRAVO® catheter free acid testing, dietary advice and LINX® surgery, a minimally invasive treatment which has been shown to be highly effective and safe.

We’re world-leaders in treating reflux disease and have an experienced team of dedicated professionals who will help improve your quality of life. Since we specialise in the management of reflux we have enormous expertise in assessing and treating patients considering surgery.

At the start of 2018 specialist consultant reflux surgeon Nick Boyle performed his 100th LINX® operation and has the largest personal experience of the procedure in the UK.