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Specialists in the Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of Reflux

We are the UK's largest specialist reflux clinic with centres across the UK.

We understand how reflux can impact on your health and day to day quality of life. Our mission is to help you understand the cause of the symptoms you are experiencing, and to treat them. We see people with traditional reflux symptoms, for example heartburn, and also those with LPR and SIBO, and specialise in surgical treatment.

Patients tell us that they chose RefluxUK because:

  • We make use of the latest diagnostic tools
  • We offer the full range of surgical procedures including LINX® and RefluxStop
  • We work with a team of doctors and surgeons who specialise in reflux
  • We are the UK's most experienced LINX® centre
  • We successfully treat traditional reflux and LPR
  • No waiting times for treatment
  • New interest free payment plans

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