Centre for the Treatment of Reflux

Reflux affects the lives of 1 in 5 people, for some it sparks occasional discomfort, managed with careful attention to diet, but for others it's a greater problem.

Because the onset of Reflux disease tends to be gradual, many people come to accept a greater level of discomfort than they should, or would, if Reflux were a more immediate issue. Very often people do not realise that the symptoms are a result of Reflux and do not understand the long term consequences.

For medical professionals GORD can be a challenge to diagnose with a wide range of symptoms; and the difficulty in measuring the severity of some of these symptoms, which are subjective to interpretation. Advanced diagnostic techniques and expert interpretation by a Reflux specialist will lead to correct diagnosis. It also takes time for newer treatments to become accepted as 'the norm'.

These are reasons why many people accept unnecessary discomfort and pain due to Reflux; and within the medical community a lack of detailed awareness of more recent ‘evidence based’ breakthroughs in the treatment of Reflux.

This website aims to help both people suffering and medical professionals understand more about reflux, and break the orthodoxy in using older, less effective ways of combating the problem such as long term medication.

RefluxUK is the work of a group of specialists - all are experts in their fields, and have access to the most up-to-date technologies, and cutting-edge treatment options.