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Peter - Yorkshire
RefluxStop® Procedure

As healthy and fit as I was before the surgery

"I had the RefluxStop® procedure recently and the results have proved excellent with no reflux or discomfort"

Peter is a RefluxUK patient with a long history of reflux symptoms. Having seen a number of specialists, he ended up contacting RefluxUK to see if there was anything we could do to help with his issues and improve his quality of life. Fortunately, he was able to be seen by one of our consultant surgeons, Mr Nicholas Boyle, and ended up having a RefluxStop®™ procedure with fantastic results!

Peter has written a brilliant RefluxStop® review of his experience with reflux and RefluxUK.

“I had the RefluxStop® procedure recently and the results have proved excellent with no reflux or discomfort, and the ability to eat and drink normally without the need for any medication.

I started with reflux problems about 20 years ago; a hiatus hernia was confirmed during a gastric fibroscopy and I was started on PPI medication (omeprazole 20 mg once a day).

About 6 years ago, a small ulcerative lesion was found in the distal oesophagus and Barrett's oesophagus was diagnosed.

Two years ago, the ulcerative lesions started to enlarge, and concerns started being raised by me, but no further steps were taken by the NHS. As a result, I consulted a private reflux surgeon in the North of England; all tests confirmed the hiatus hernia, reflux and high acid contents in the oesophagus. At this point, my surgeon at the time suggested I have a fundoplication (stomach wrap surgery). I felt more comfortable with a LINX® surgery, but a manometry test revealed poor contraction of the oesophagus. It was then suggested I have an anterior partial fundoplication.

By then with internet search, I found RefluxUK, with an excellent website and detailed description of the procedures in place for reflux. I found the RefluxStop® procedure especially interesting as the mechanical design struck more than just one chord. It seemed to address various shortcomings of the other procedures mentioned, which appear to rely very much on scar tissue keeping the oesophagus distal aperture closed. The RefluxStop® device very much relocates the stomach, and the implant is incorporated in the external gastric wall of the cardia (top of the stomach) in a fashion that, by light pressure, helps the closure of distal oesophagus but still lets food through into the stomach via the flexibility of the silicone implant material.

The presentation on the RefluxUK website, written by Nicholas Boyle, was very clear; even though the RefluxStop® surgery only has a history of about 5 years (LINX® 15 years, laparoscopic fundoplication 30 years) I felt most comfortable with that surgery. The consultation via zoom was excellent; factual, professional, and, due to the test findings, he recommended the anterior wrap procedure (partial fundoplication) or the RefluxStop® procedure. At the time, Mr Boyle had done 17 such procedures, 15 without any problems, and the other 2 were without complications after an initial recovery period. The specialist surgeon up North did not exude the openness, professionalism and confidence I wanted to perform the surgery and so I proceeded with Mr Boyle for the RefluxStop® procedure.

Immediately after the keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery I was able eat; small bites, good chewing, and small amounts every two hours or so, with liquid/water flushing. All went well and has stayed well over the 6 weeks with no swallowing difficulty. On the very odd occasion I felt some food accumulating upwards from the now narrower hole in diaphragm, but that could easily be resolved with drinking fluids. Since the operation the amounts I can eat are somewhat less, which is no problem. As a result, even more so than I already did, I focus on very healthy eating. My stools have improved considerably. Initially there was pain, likely associated with the two incisions on the left side (there are 5 small incisions), which made any use of the muscles in that area painful (sneezing/laughing/getting up from lying down), but all that resolved gradually and I have been off painkillers for 2 weeks. The 2 left side incisions still feel a bit thickened but are continuing to heal.

I am very much on the way to be as healthy and fit as I was before the surgery, with already walking distances that I am familiar with.

I am extremely grateful that I ended up with Nicholas Boyle at RefluxUK, who was comfortable with performing this new type of reflux surgery, the RefluxStop®. Obviously, we need to wait for the long-term results, but as the other procedures have a high relapse rate I am well prepared to take that risk.”

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