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Susan - Kent
LINX® Treatment

Success Story, Susan - Kent

"I would recommend that anyone who is experiencing reflux symptoms should seriously consider this surgical procedure."

Please describe your symptoms before having treatment and approximately how long you experienced them for;

I experienced regular heartburn, central chest pain, throat discomfort, an unpleasant taste in the mouth, mild nausea, bloating, the feeling of something stuck in my throat, and regurgitation when bending over, for which I was prescribed PPIs about 5 years ago. The medication helped to a point, but I continued to experience throat discomfort, some regurgitation, bloating and tummy pain (the latter overnight). I had been diagnosed with a sliding Hiatus Hernia in 2017, and probable GORD.

How did you find out about RefluxUK?

My GP discovered it when checking online for somewhere to refer me, as I was continuing to experience symptoms of reflux and both throat and abdominal discomfort at night.

What was your experience on the consultation?

A very helpful and informative consultation, where I was offered tests to determine whether or not I was suitable for the surgery, and also tests to check for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, which Mr Boyle suspected was the cause of the bloating and abdominal discomfort.

How did you find having the surgery?

I didn’t feel at all anxious, as had been provided with comprehensive and clear information RE the surgery. It was a straightforward procedure as far as I was concerned, and I returned home the same day.

What happened in the days and weeks after the treatment?

I resumed eating a normal diet immediately following surgery and preserved through episodes of dyspepsia which occurred as expected during the healing process, 2-12 weeks post surgery, peaking at 6 weeks and gradually subsiding to the point where episodes are now very rare. I found eating slowly and chewing well helped particularly with drier foods. I experienced some soreness in the area of surgery for a few weeks.

How are you feeling now?

I have not experienced any symptoms of reflux/GORD since the surgery, apart from the very occasional throat discomfort at night, although that is now very rare. I have not taken any antireflux medication since 3 weeks after surgery and as a result, the SIBO symptoms which Mr Boyle suggested were due to long term use of PPIs have subsided considerably. I am delighted!

Would you recommend RefluxUK?

Definitely! I already have, to several friends.

Any other thoughts?

I would recommend that anyone who is experiencing reflux symptoms should seriously consider this surgical procedure. It has made a substantial difference to the quality of my life.

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