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About us

Our practice is unique because we specialise in the treatment of reflux and its related symptoms. Unlike other providers we do not have the distraction of other diseases and treatments, so all of our time is focused on helping reflux patients to understand their symptoms and then to treat them. This specialism contributes to the quality of our outcomes which are comparable to the best centres anywhere in the world.

Although RefluxUK is still relatively young, we have grown quickly and, cumulatively, our clinical team has over 100 years experience of treating reflux. Because we’ve seen and spoken to so many patients, we are very familiar with the frustrations that some describe. Too often that they have spent sometimes years trying unsuccessfully to get a proper diagnosis for the symptoms they are experiencing. Our mission is to provide you with a definitive diagnosis and the effective treatment you are seeking. We do this in several ways.

Firstly, we work with the best specialists who really are experts in the treatment of reflux. We make use of the best and most modern diagnostic technologies in order to isolate the cause of the particular symptoms you are experiencing. We interpret those diagnostic results using our multi-disciplinary team approach. This is central to our success. It brings together our reflux experts from different disciplines to review difficult cases. This approach helps us deliver accurate diagnoses and informs our decision on the best treatment option.

Because we’ve been specialising in treating people with reflux symptoms we’ve seen literally thousands of patients. This has helped us design the best pathways and to gain enormous experience not only in diagnosing and treating typical reflux disease but also other associated conditions such as LPR and SIBO. For instance, we have performed more LINX® operations than any other service or hospital in the UK and we believe this helps us achieve the best outcomes for patients looking for this treatment option. Not surprisingly, there are large volumes of scientific studies which have shown that centres and surgeons that treat high volumes of patients tend to achieve the best outcomes.

Throughout your relationship with us we will do our very best to respect and treat you as an individual and we will make it our business to help you get the diagnosis and treatment you are seeking. If you’re simply looking for the best specialist, the most rapid diagnosis or perhaps you are tired of being referred from doctor to doctor in what we call “the cycle of frustration “ without getting to the bottom of your symptoms, we are here to help. Our patients tell us they chose RefluxUK for the following reasons:

We think its important that patients know as much as possible about the healthcare providers they entrust with their treatment. At RefluxUK we have a credo that describes the values and principles that we work by. These are listed here:

Our Vision

  • To build a company dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with reflux and associated symptoms and which is the best at what it does

Our Focus

  • To do only what we can be the best at. To work with experts in their field to achieve the best outcomes and to do all we can to provide the most value

Our principles

  • Before and above all else, to act in the best interest of our patients
  • To respect and listen to our patients so that we can understand them and their symptoms as individuals
  • To behave with integrity and honesty
  • To work with the best clinicians in their field, empower them to do their best as individuals and together as a team
  • To understand and integrate the best available scientific evidence into all we do
  • To use the best technology we can to diagnose, treat and inform our patients and to relentlessly innovate to achieve this
  • To measure what we do and share this data to help constantly improve our performance
  • To relentlessly seek efficiencies and improve outcomes so that we drive up value to make the best treatment accessible for as many people as possible
  • To educate and inform to widen an understanding of reflux and its associated conditions among the public, patients and the wider clinical community
  • To be continually ambitious, to relentlessly strive to do better and never accept good enough

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