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Your Reflux Treatment Options

At RefluxUK we are able to select from the full range of treatments to suit your needs

The Reflux Treatment That Is Right for You

Once we have established the cause of your symptoms we can get into the detail of your treatment options. It's likely that you will have researched some or all of the treatments available to you.

If you have been suffering with your reflux symptoms for a long period it is likely that you will have tried several remedies already. The first step is usually to make modifications to your diet. It is also likely that you will have had consultations with your GP or reflux consultants who might have prescribed medication. Millions of people in the UK are taking medication to treat their reflux, usually proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). These are effective for many patients but there remains a large minority, about 30%, for whom they don't work. There is also growing concern among patients and healthcare professionals about the effects of long term PPI use.

At your surgeon consultation we will discuss diet changes and medical therapy but most of the people we see in clinic have exhausted these as possible treatments and are ready to explore surgery as a permanent treatment.

Usually our patients are well informed about LINX® and fundoplication. Even so, often there are important aspects of the procedures they have not considered and or may have misunderstood. This is why your surgeon consultation is so important. At consultation we will explain all of your treatment options in detail, including the pros and cons, how they compare and what we think may be the best fit with your circumstances.

We will also discuss the new RefluxStop procedure at consultation.

In this short video Mr Nick Boyle, Medical Director at RefluxUK, talks about the procedures that are available to reflux patients.

Ultimately the choice will be yours. Our aim is to place you in the best possible position to make that choice. On this page you will find links to all of the major surgical procedures. They will give you a good overview of each and at consultation we will drill down into more detail on each. If you have any questions, please contact us. We welcome them and a member of our team will be happy to help.

Page reviewed by: Mr Nicholas Boyle BM MS FRCS 01/11/22

Symptoms & Diagnosis

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