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RefluxUK offers a personalised service based on treating the individual and their specific set of symptoms.

We offer access to specialists who can help determine the best course of treatment, this may be based on lifestyle or dietary modification, medication review or surgery.

Eligibility and symptom checker

Get an online evaluation of your reflux symptoms to see if RefluxUK can help you.

How severe is your reflux?

The RefluxUK process

How do we treat your reflux? These are the steps we take if you decide on a treatment with us.

Diagnosis and testing

To confirm and diagnose your condition we have a few tests we need to run.

How we get a diagnosis

RefluxUK procedures

If you haven’t heard of the LINX, Stretta, Endostim or Fundoplication procedures or you want to know more about how they work, you can find more information here.

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Relief from reflux provided by world-renowned specialists
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