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Our multi-disciplinary team (MDT)

The MDT is critical to the superior outcomes we achieve, and our team is unrivalled within the UK in terms of its reflux expertise.

In all areas of healthcare, the multi-disciplinary team approach is a well-established best practice. The MDT brings together a group of doctors and clinicians who share a common interest in reflux but bring expertise from different disciplines. Many of our patients are screened by our MDT before we conclude on a course of treatment. This is an invaluable step in the process and is a source of tremendous reassurance for patients. Rather than having one individual look at your case, you can be satisfied that multiple specialists are reviewing case and giving their input, all under the leadership of your RefluxUK surgeon.

The MDT is chaired by Mr Nick Boyle, Consultant Surgeon and Medical Director of RefluxUK. The MDT will also be attended by your surgeon and by 24 specially selected members of the experts, some of which you can see below. The specialities include upper GI surgeons, ENT consultants, gastroenterologists, psychologists, chest physicians, dieticans, speech therapists, physiologists and clinical scientists.

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