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Prices, Finance & Insurance

We welcome patients who are both insured and self paying.

Self Paying Patients

Many more people are choosing to pay for their own surgery. This might be because they want to avoid NHS waiting times, which are already very long in some parts of the country, or simply because they want to be able to make their own choice about the type of surgery they have, the hospital, the surgeon and the date.

Our self pay packages are fixed prices. This means that you can go ahead with confidence that there will be no hidden charges. You can see our standard prices here.

We have also introduced two new interest free payment plans so that people can spread the cost of fees over a number of months. You can read more about our finance plans and make an application here.

When choosing RefluxUK you will also benefit from a specialist reflux package. These means that unlike other providers our package includes features that are of specific benefit to reflux patients. An example of this is post operative dilatations and tests for those who need them*. Patients choose RefluxUK over the private hospital providers because our packages, and our whole practice, is tailored to the needs of reflux patients.

The price you pay for your treatment will depend on the location where you are being treated. To organise a consultation or to get a personalised quotation please use this link or call us.

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If you have questions about prices, insurance or anything else, please contact our team using this link, or simply call on:

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RefluxUK is an appointed representative of Chrysalis Finance Limited.

*request a copy of terms and conditions for full details.

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