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How Does the Test Work?

This test is designed to assess the severity of your SIBO symptoms, please answer all the questions.

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) Diagnosis Test

This test is designed to assess the severity of your SIBO symptoms, please answer all the questions.

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Symptoms caused by SIBO can be very variable. Some are characteristic but there can be significant crossover with other conditions. For instance, both SIBO and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can cause bloating and wind. The questionnaire is specifically designed as a scientific tool to assess the known risk factors for developing SIBO, the symptoms themselves as well other conditions that are known to be associated with SIBO.

The evidence base and science of SIBO is new and evolving rapidly. Currently there are no scientifically validated questionnaires that predict SIBO. RefluxUK is in the vanguard of scientific research with our partners to develop a predictive tool and this questionnaire has been developed by our specialists specifically for this purpose. A score below 30 does not exclude SIBO but makes the diagnosis less likely. A score over 31 is likely to be predictive that a formal SIBO breath test will be positive which will then help the formulation of an eradication treatment plan. However, since SIBO symptoms can be caused by other conditions, the questionnaire should always be used as part of the diagnostic process and the results interpreted in the context of all symptoms and the results of other tests.

We have developed our own SIBO breath test package so that people who think they may be suffering with SIBO can get the treatment they need. Read more about the SIBO Breath Test Package here.

Whatever your score, if you are worried about your SIBO symptoms, please get in touch with us. Our clinicians are experts at diagnosing and treating SIBO and all other kinds of gastrointestinal problems. We have access to state of the art diagnostic tests and all the latest treatments. You can call, email or book a consultation online.

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