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Reflux Diagnostic Tests

The first and most important step in treating your reflux symptoms is to accurately diagnose the cause.

Many of the patients we see in clinic have grown frustrated at being referred for tests only for the results to be inconclusive. Our approach to diagnosing acid reflux is fundamentally different. We make it our mission to find the cause of your symptoms and to give you the certainty you need to make decisions about your future treatment.

We have access to the full range of diagnostic tests that are required to understand your case. You will be treated as an individual and we'll only undertake those tests that are needed for you. When selecting RefluxUK you have the reassurance that any testing we recommend will be carried out by specialists in that field, and knowing that the test results will be reviewed by a team of experts before we present our findings and treatment options.

You can read more about the tests by following the links opposite.

Page reviewed by: Mr Nicholas Boyle BM MS FRCS 01/11/22

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