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Symptoms & Diagnosis

Everything you need to know about reflux symptoms, their causes and the diagnostic tests we use to understand them

Specialists in Reflux and Its Causes

Correctly diagnosing the cause of your symptoms is the single most important part of the treatment process. We'll listen to your description of your symptoms and then make an assessment of the tests we'll need to do in order to confirm the cause.

Many of the people we meet in clinic have already had a gastroscopy but often they have had no more than this. Whilst a correctly interpreted gastroscopy is important it is only one part of the diagnostic process. Often we will conduct breath tests and reflux studies (including impedance, Bravo and manometry) to get a complete understanding. From time to time we will also use more specific tests. You can follow the links on this page to learn more. We have built a network of clinicians around the country who are specialists in reflux testing.

Once we have your test results we will review your case at our Multi-disciplinary team meeting. This team brings together specialist reflux doctors and surgeons who will consider your case specifically to arrive at the optimal treatment plan for you. Specialist testing and interpretation of results are the reasons our patients enjoy first class outcomes.

If you are unsure about your reflux symptoms and whether they warrant further investigation why not use our reflux Symptom Checker to generate your reflux 'score'. This will give you a sense of the severity of your symptoms using an internationally recognised reflux questionnaire. We'll also send you a personalised report with your scores and the next steps you might consider. Access the Symptom Checker here.

If and when you are ready to proceed with your diagnostic tests, we'll provide you with a personalised quotation. The prices we quote are always on a fixed price basis which means you know exactly what you are paying and that you avoid hidden charges after the event. If you are an insured patient, you can either contact ourselves or your insurer to make the arrangements. If you have any questions about reflux symptoms, testing and prices contact our team on 0207 043 0419 or contact us here.

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Use our Symptom Checker to generate your reflux 'score' and receive a free personalised report.

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