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Respiratory Tests

Patients with respiratory symptoms such as a cough or asthma may undergo tests depending upon the type of symptoms they experience. These include;

Chest X-ray

A simple X-ray to image the bones and soft tissues in the chest including the lungs and heart.


Bronchoscopy is a procedure to look directly at the airways in the lungs using a small flexible camera called a bronchoscope.

CT Scan of the Chest

CT scan is now a routine investigation. It uses X-rays and computer technology to create images of the body.

Lung Scan

A lung scan is an imaging test to look at your lungs and help diagnose certain lung problems. A lung scan may also be used to see how well treatment is working.

Peak Flow Measurement

Peak flow measures air flowing in and out of the lungs.

Pulmonary Function Tests

Pulmonary function tests (PFTs) are non-invasive tests that assess how well the lungs are functioning.

Pulse Oximetry

Pulse oximetry measures oxygen level (oxygen saturation) in the blood.

Page reviewed by: Mr Nicholas Boyle BM MS FRCS 01/11/22

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