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Jodie - Kent
LINX® Treatment

Success Story, Jodie - Kent

"I feel healthier than I have in a long time."

Please describe your symptoms before having treatment and approximately how long you experienced them for;

"Experience heartburn on and off for years and then started experiencing constant nausea and regurgitation with reflux everyday. Full vomiting at least once a week. Constant chest pain and no warning before regurgitation."

How did you find out about RefluxUK?

"Google search "Acid RefluxUK" and through finding Mr Boyle on BUPA surgeon list."

What was your experience on the consultation?

"Very professional and fitted around my schedule. Living abroad, it was great to have the initial consultation over the phone."

How did you find having the treatment?

"The treatment felt like a fairly simple operation in terms of recovery, being in and out in the same day was very welcome."

What happened in the days and weeks after the treatment?

"Instantly after surgery my reflux stopped. I was eating a wide variety of food and enjoying it for the first time in months. Although I had some discomfort with food getting stuck and spasms I have my life back and couldn’t be happier."

How are you feeling now?

"I am able to eat anything and everything within reason. The dramatic weight loss I suffered over the previous months prior to surgery stopped and I feel healthier than I have in a long time."

Would you recommend RefluxUK?

"Thoroughly. Very knowledgeable and wants the best result for patients."

Any other thoughts?

"Although there are some side effects, they have been outweighed by the benefits and I am grateful to have had something that should and hopefully will last for life."

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