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Mandy - Kent
LINX® Treatment

Success Story, Mandy - Kent

"For over two years I had a persistent cough and was constantly having to clear my throat."

Please describe your symptoms before having treatment and approximately how long you experienced them for;

For over two years I had a persistent cough and was constantly having to clear my throat. I suffered a lot with acid burning my throat and my voice had gotten very hoarse. I also suffered with heartburn. I had been to see numerous doctors and nobody seemed to be able to help. I had gotten to the stage that I didn’t really like to go out.

How did you find out about RefluxUK?

I was referred to a Professor Birchall who did a lot of tests for post-nasal drip. After having a thorough examination, he stated that he was going to refer me for the LINX® operation with Mr Boyle.

What was your experience of the consultation?

Excellent. After having various tests, the procedure was fully explained to me, even the fact that there was no accurate success rate as I also suffer from Sjogrens.

How did you find having the surgery?

The surgery itself was very straight forward. Everything was explained to me when I arrived at the hospital. It was keyhole surgery and I was only in hospital as a day case.

What happened in the days and weeks after the treatment?

From the moment I woke up, my cough had disappeared. I felt sore where the entry points were but nothing to be particularly worried about. Gradually, my voice began to return to normal and I was no longer having to clear my throat. The only problem that I encountered was a blockage of food when I was eating and having to regurgitate the food to clear the blockage. This has slowly improved, although it does cause the occasional problem.

How are you feeling now?

I feel as though I have my life back as I am now happy to go out, even with the occasional blockage problem.

Would you recommend RefluxUK?

Yes, definitely.

Any other thoughts?

This is an amazing operation and I wouldn’t hesitate to have it done again.

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