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Sue Steven, Specialist Nurse Practitioner a member of RefluxUK's multidisciplinary team

Sue Steven
Specialist Nurse Practitioner

Sue Steven is the Specialist Nurse Practitioner for RefluxUK and a member of our Multi-Disciplinary Team. She trained at St Bartholomew’s Hospital and is based at the RefluxUK headquarters in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Sue is a Registered Nurse with over 30 years Theatre and Endoscopy experience and was the Theatre Manger at Spire Tunbridge Wells before joining RefluxUK. She has a wealth of experience across many specialities, both clinical and governance based, and has worked closely with our surgeons for a number of years. In fact she assisted Mr Nick Boyle, our Medical Director, with his first ever LINX operation in 2002 and continues to assist him in theatre today. She has therefore built a detailed understanding of reflux surgery and reflux patients.

At RefluxUK Sue sees patients for consultation at which she will assess their symptoms and explain their diagnostic and treatment options. As well as consulting reflux (typical and LPR) and SIBO patients, Sue is the clinical point of contact for patients post-operatively.

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