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Miss Alice Henderson, Clinical Scientist/Physiologist a member of RefluxUK's multidisciplinary team

Miss Alice Henderson
Clinical Scientist/Physiologist

Alice has been working in the field of gastrointestinal physiology (GI) for 6 years. She studied BSc Medical Science at the University of Exeter and completed her Scientific Training Programme with MSc in Clinical Science (GI Physiology) in 2018. She is registered with the Healthcare Professions Council. She is the lead clinical scientist for GI Physiology at St. George’s University Hospital’s, London. She performs and interprets both upper and lower GI Physiology studies and recently set up the new anorectal service at St. George’s University Hospital. Alice joined the RefluxUK team in December 2023 and performs oesophageal physiology testing at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital and Harley Street. She is an active member of the RefluxUK multi-disciplinary team meetings.

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