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RefluxStop® Procedure

Bradley on his RefluxStop® Procedure

"The NHS couldn’t help me. I couldn’t sleep, and I couldn’t eat anything without severe chest and throat pain. I was suicidally depressed. Now RefluxStop performed by RefluxUK has given my life back again"

Bradley is a RefluxUK patient; his RefluxStop® procedure, performed by Mr. Nicholas Boyle, has totally resolved his severe, and life-shattering symptoms.

Around 15 years ago, curry lover Bradley, who has studied Asian cookery at night school, developed indigestion and reflux.

“It started off as a fairly minor problem which gradually got worse. Despite cutting out all spicy food, citrus fruits and alcohol, it just wouldn’t go away.

Over time, I became quite severely depressed. I lost a lot of weight and at nearly 6 foot tall, I weighed less than 11 stone. I survived on toast and potatoes. I couldn’t go out because I felt too unwell to socialise, I couldn’t go to the pub, out for a meal or for a coffee. The only people I saw were my close family, and I had to sit and watch them eating while I picked at my food.

It affected them too. They were upset to see me like this.”

Bradley was referred by his GP to an NHS hospital where he underwent an endoscopy and was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia. The gastroenterologist in the hospital prescribed proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) which are among the most prescribed drugs used in the NHS, to counteract the symptoms.

“The medication just didn’t make any difference. The dosage steadily increased but my condition worsened – the pain started to feel unbearable. I had constant throat pain. My chest felt tight, like an elastic band was constricting it.

After that my condition started really getting to me, severely impacting my mental health. I didn’t want to eat anything at all. Eating made the symptoms worse.

I followed my doctor’s advice to the letter, but nothing helped. My sleep was affected because when I lay down at night, the acid would come into my mouth.

I was recommended to raise the end of bed by 6 inches, which I did. I even researched on forums of people who have GORD about low acid diets.

I had already cut out all the so-called trigger foods: fruit juices, citrus, tomatoes, wine, black tea.

I only drank water, and ginger tea – the latter helped me slightly.

I have never been a heavy drinker, but now I cut out alcohol completely.

I was on PPIs for some years, and I was on the maximum dose that the GP was allowed to give me. I realised that no medication was going to help, and diet didn’t make a sufficient difference.

I got onto my laptop, started going on patient forums a lot. That’s when I came across an operation called RefluxStop®, available at the RefluxUK clinic. This is a procedure which doesn’t require patients to have good motility. I saw that there were positive reviews from patients who lived abroad who had RefluxStop®, which reassured me.

I went to see Mr Nicholas Boyle at RefluxUK and he told me I may be able to help you. He confirmed that I had weak motility, but that RefluxStop® is an operation that has been cleared for use in the UK that is suitable for me.

After the operation, I woke up about 2 hours later. At about 6pm, they brought in a soft food meal. But the weird thing was I had no acid. Fabulous. I had no problem with swallowing, there was no pain at all in my throat or chest. It was a great feeling!

Within a week I was eating Asian food again – or anything else I fancied.

My quality of life has been brilliant.

I do like a glass of wine so I am back to making the most of nights out with friends again, going for coffees and enjoying all the social occasions I missed so much.

The operation has been a total success.

I would say if anyone was in the condition I was, do have a RefluxStop® with Mr Nicholas Boyle. I’d like to thank him so much for giving my life back!”

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