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Why is LINX®️ surgery expensive?

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Many people ask us why LINX®️ surgery is more expensive than fundoplication. The simple answer is that it’s due to the cost of the LINX®️ device itself.

All of the other costs are broadly the same for each; the consultant fees, the operating time, the ward time, etc. The higher cost of LINX®️ relative to fundoplication might also be a reason why so few NHS Trusts offer it too.

The device alone costs in excess of £3,000 and while it seems a lot for a very small device that looks small in the palm of the hand, there are several reasons that explain it:

  • The raw materials - It’s made of medical grade magnetised titanium.
  • The engineering - Each device is carefully engineered and manufactured to medical grade with the expectation it will function effectively for a lifetime.
  • Research and clinical trials - This is probably the largest cost. From the time the idea for a procedure is first formulated it takes many years to develop that idea and then to test the device for both safety and efficacy. This demands a huge investment by the device manufacturer that can only be recovered over many years, and without any certainty that it will succeed.

For most reflux surgery patients LINX®️ is now regarded as the premier surgical option. Not only is it minimally invasive, with a fast recovery time and immediate return to a normal diet, it also delivers excellent results in terms of symptom improvement. These improvements are achieved quickly after surgery and new studies show they are maintained for the long term.

You can read more about LINX®️ here

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