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Recently, RefluxUK has set up its own Clinical Advisory Board; a group of world-renowned specialists in the field of ‘reflux’ who meet regularly to discuss the latest research in innovations, what the latest information tells us about the epidemiology, aetiology, diagnosis and treatment of reflux, and, as such, how RefluxUK can use this information and expertise to be a leading centre for reflux, not just in the UK, but in the world.

Nick Boyle, RefluxUK’s founder and CEO, discusses our new board below:

“When we established RefluxUK we did so with the expressed intention of improving outcomes for people with reflux symptoms. So the first thing we did was to agree the principles that we wanted to underline our work and all we planned to achieve. We called this our Credo

We defined our vision “to build a company dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with reflux and associated symptoms and which is the best at what it does”.

We also wrote down what would be our focus, “To do only what we can be the best at. To work with experts in their field to achieve the best outcomes and to do all we can to provide the most value”. Finally we defined a series of principles, how we would strive to make this happen every day of the week.

Some might dismiss the Credo as a meaningless mission statement. We’d say that’s more a reflection on them than us. We thought very long and hard about how to define in black and white what’s fundamental to RefluxUK’s culture. And this is why the Credo is so important to us and absolutely critical to RefluxUK; the culture of any organisation is above all else what defines its success.

Included in the Credo we make it clear that we work with only the very best clinicians in their field. We have a specialist focus and so how can we expect to achieve the best outcomes by working with people who aren’t experts in the management of reflux?

We also believe that fundamental to all we do is that our leadership must also reflect the RefluxUK Credo. And so we have established our Clinical Advisory Board. Sitting on this are some of the leading experts in the field from the UK and Europe. We are delighted that it is chaired by Professor Stephen Attwood, acknowledged as a true pioneer and surgical academic heavyweight. The Board’s role is to ensure that we follow the best and most up-to-date clinical practice and that our outcomes are the best they can be.

We’re proud to be a clinically led organisation and to shout it from rooftops. Sadly most UK hospital providers are not and relegate clinicians to operational roles only. As more and more patients look to us for help they can be assured that we will stick to our Credo that we live by, its words and that clinical leadership and expertise lies at the heart of their care.”

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