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Your initial consultation is the first and often most important step in your treatment.

Most initial consultations take place by video, but they can be by telephone or in person in clinic if preferred. We have surgeons based in ‘clininc around the UK’.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • You’ll be consulted by a RefluxUK accredited consultant
  • We’ll discuss your reflux and general medical history.
  • We’ll make a provisional diagnosis and explain any tests required to confirm it.
  • We’ll explain your treatment options and the pros and cons associated with them.
  • We’ll prepare a report summarising the outcome of your consultation.

As specialists in reflux, we appreciate how frustrating getting diagnosis and treatment for your symptoms can be this period can be. We find that our patient something is wrong but keep being told that your test results are ‘normal’. Our commitment to you is that we will listen respectfully to you and make it our mission to provide you with an accurate diagnosis.

How do I book?

You can call our office on 0207 043 0419 or complete our consultation request form here.

What does it cost?

Your consultation costs £295. For this you get a 30 minute consultation with a consultant who is specialised in reflux treatment. You are not committed to any further treatment beyond your consultation.

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