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The Modern Approach to Reflux Testing

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RefluxUK brings you another educational and informative episode on the myriad of physiology tests available to diagnose patients' reflux symptoms. This episode is hosted by Sue Steven, who is the Specialist Nurse and Director of Clinical Services for RefluxUK. She is privileged to be joined by two leading experts, Nick Boyle, Medical Director and founder of RefluxUK, and Anthony Hobson, founder of the Functional Gut Clinic.

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In this episode

We discuss why they both set up new organisations dedicated to reflux treatment and GI physiology. Nick and Anthony comment on what conditions they are considering when patients complain of functional foregut symptoms. We examine the different tests used to look at anatomy and structure and those that look at functionality. We debate how accurate and reliable the different tests are and what the latest innovations offer.

Finally, the experts tell us what the future holds and where they think GI testing will be in 5-10 years.

The views and information contained within this podcast do not constitute medical advice. Any opinions expressed are those of the relevant individuals and do not necessarily reflect the views of RefluxUK and may be subject to change without notice.

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