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Patient Catch-up and Discussion

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This episode of The Reflux Report is hosted by Sue Steven, Specialist Nurse for RefluxUK. She is joined by Mr Nick Boyle, Medical Director of RefluxUK and Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeon, and three of his patients on whom he performed reflux surgery.

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In this episode

Rupert, Anne and Perrine presented with different reflux symptoms and each explains how these had impacted on their quality of life. They discuss what led them to seek out treatment for their reflux disease and what tests they underwent to diagnose the cause. Nick describes how these tests enable him and his multi-disciplinary team to decide on a tailored individual approach to treat every patient they see. RefluxUK was set up as a specialist centre with its mission to help people understand the cause of their symptoms and to treat them accordingly. Lastly, Nick asks Rupert, Anne and Perrine what lessons or advice they could pass on to others following their experience.

The views and information contained within this podcast do not constitute medical advice. Any opinions expressed are those of the relevant individuals and do not necessarily reflect the views of RefluxUK and may be subject to change without notice.

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