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LPR Treatment

My LPR Story and Treatment by Anne

"I am very grateful to all the staff at RefluxUK for helping to treat my LPR."

Describe your history of LPR

I have suffered with debilitating coughing for the past 30 years with symptoms getting progressively worse over the past three years. Not one day went past without me coughing, not just one or two but continuous coughing, especially while eating. The coughing at night became intolerable.

What did your doctor say ?

I visited different doctors who kept saying it was asthma or my chest, but my lungs were clear. I developed bad heartburn and was then prescribed Omeprazole and Gaviscon by my GP and another specialist increased the dose of these, but never did any other tests. Nothing seemed to improve my cough and I was told to live with it. As a result, I changed what and when I ate and at times there was some improvement, but it didn`t last. Due to my ongoing symptoms I had to stop doing the hobbies I enjoyed.

How did you find RefluxUK ?

I decided to look for a support group and from this I was directed to RefluxUK. I had never realised that there was a specialist centre treating and offering people solutions to their LPR symptoms.

What happened next ?

I was seen by Mr Nick Boyle, the medical director at RefluxUK, who carried out several tests including the Bravo and was diagnosed that I had LPR and a hiatus hernia. He recommended that I had a LINX® device fitted, and my hiatus hernia repaired. I was delighted to get a firm diagnosis and went ahead with LINX.

How is life after LINX® surgery ?

It's now six weeks since I had my surgery and I feel so much better, and I am back doing my hobbies and sleeping so well. I had a little pain following the surgery and sometimes it has been a bit difficult to eat, but all this was explained before my surgery. My first week was good and then it was harder eating for a few weeks, but not every meal. I followed the guidance of eating normally and regularly to exercise my oesophagus and it has gradually got easier as the weeks have gone by.

What about your LPR symptoms ?

What Mr Nick Boyle predicted for the outcome seems to be accurate and my debilitating coughing has stopped, and my voice seems stronger and clearer. My family and friends have noticed the change. I am very grateful to all the staff at RefluxUK for helping to treat my LPR.

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