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(Patients with private medical insurance)

Private medical insurance normally covers all of the treatments offered by RefluxUK.  Before treatment can begin you will need to have a consultation with one of our surgeons. Your insurance will normally cover this if you are referred by your GP.

In order that we can arrange your consultation, please answer the questions below and we will call you with clinic availability. Your consultation can be organised quickly and can be face to face in clinic, by video or over the telephone.

When booking your consultation with a RefluxUK surgeon you have the added peace of mind knowing that your consultant is a specialist in reflux surgery and that their outcomes are audited by our Clinical Governance Committee. This  ensures they meet the standard we demand as a recognised international centre of excellence in the treatment of reflux.

If you are unsure about any aspect of your reflux treatment, whether that relates to the consultation, diagnostic tests or your treatment options, please call our Reflux Support Team on (0207) 0430419.

They are very experienced in all aspects of reflux, including private medical insurance.

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"The RefluxUK Team were so knowledgeable and helpful. I knew I was with the right people from the very first call."

Patient ‘I’ from East Anglia

"They knew their stuff and they treated me like an individual. Great people to deal with."

Patient ‘C’ from Wales

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