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The UK's Leading LINX® Clinic

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The UK's Leading LINX® Surgery Provider

Welcome to RefluxUK. We specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of reflux disease and its symptoms. We do more LINX® procedures than any other provider of LINX® device surgery in the country.

Patients choose us for their LINX® procedure because:

  • We are specialists in reflux - it's all that we do.
  • We work with the most experienced specialist reflux surgeons in the UK.
  • We use a multi-disciplinary team to thoroughly assess your case - we understand that no two cases are the same.
  • We price our procedures to make them accessible to as many people as possible and offer a new interest free payment plan
  • We offer tailored treatment packages including long term aftercare.
  • Our new interest free payment plans - read more

The LINX® procedure typically costs about £10,000 depending on where in the country you are having it done. You can request a personalised quotation here. This will include details of the pay monthly plans that are available.

You can use the links below to read more about our surgeons, success stories, more details on LINX® and your other treatment options.

Here, Cutting Crew singer and composer Nick van Eede talks about how LINX® surgery helped prolong his singing career.

Am I Eligible?

To determine whether you would benefit from reflux surgery we first need to meet you and to undertake some diagnostic tests. These tests will usually include a gastroscopy and an impedance/manometry study as a minimum. Sometimes additional tests might also be needed, especially if you are suffering with the symptoms of silent reflux (also known as LPR). If you have already had these tests done, it is likely that we will be able to assess you based on those results. If not, we will be able to arrange them for you. Please email us with your details and a member of our team will call you back to collect more information and discuss your options.

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The first step in treating your reflux is to get in touch.

A member of our team will take your details and arrange a consultation with one of our surgeons. This can be done by telephone, 'Facetime' or in person. Please contact us and provide some background information on your reflux history.

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