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The RefluxUK process

Treatments / The RefluxUK process

If you think surgery might be a potential course of treatment for then you may wish to start on the RefluxUK process.

  1. Firstly, we will arrange an appointment to be seen by one of our specialists. We will ask you to complete and return in advance a questionnaire which has been specially designed to allow us to make an initial assessment of your problem. In the clinic you will be asked about your symptoms, your previous medical history and any other information relevant to the condition. You may undergo a physical examination and you will then have a discussion regarding options for diagnostic tests and treatment options.
  2. The next step is a series of diagnostic tests to assess whether or not you are eligible for surgery and how severe your reflux is. You can find out more about the tests we perform here.
  3. The next stage, if all goes to plan, will be surgery. An in-depth guide to the LINX Procedure can be found here.
  4. Finally, the aftercare stage in which we will answer any questions and try to resolve unwanted effects of treatment.

Eligibility and symptom checker

Get an online evaluation of your reflux symptoms to see if RefluxUK can help you.

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