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Testimonials / Avis - Scotland

Avis - Scotland
LINX Treatment

I can finally eat all my favourite curries, thanks to magnetic implants.

Avis Trenchard suffered with her chronic acid reflux for 12 years, experiencing excruciating pain. Avis said that her reflux was unpredictable but ever-present, being triggered by different foods constantly. Describing the feeling, Avis said, “It felt like food had been stuck in your gullet and the only way to get rid of that feeling was to go to the toilet and be sick.” She would be in pain during the night and unable to sleep due to the burning sensation. It was even effecting her teeth, the enamel wearing away according to her dentist. She couldn’t go out for meals with friends without agonizing over if she would be sick. Avis, like many others, tried to take PPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors) to address her reflux, these not only failed but caused her serious side-effects. These side-effects included trouble breathing, itchiness and palpitations which really scared her.

To solve her problem, Avis ended up consulting Professor Grant Fullerton, who was pioneering LINX trials at the time. Though it was a trial and a little risky, Avis was willing to give it a go as her symptoms were unbearable. Avis said the operation was quick and the scars were tiny.

The 69 year old was the first person in Scotland to undergo treatment. She reaps the benefits by being able to eat spicy foods again and enjoy a glass of wine. This wasn’t possible for her before. Even a year after the treatment she is still living life to the full. She calls the surgery life-changing.

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