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LINX surgery can really help to improve life on a daily basis. Some of those who have undergone LINX Surgery and have seen their desired results have been approached by the media for their take on the procedure.

Richard nurden
Richard Nurden
LINX Treatment

I started to feel nauseous whenever I ate something. This meant I couldn’t cope at work, feeling sick all the time.

After a few days off and very suppressed eating I felt better but still had a few other symptoms like a lump in my throat and the need to keep sipping water to clear it...

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Lee garlick
Lee Garlick
LINX Treatment

I have had no heartburn or reflux since surgery and have found I can eat and drink anything.

I suffered from heart burn for most of my adult life particularly in the last 6 to 7 years where my symptoms worsened...

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Grace smith
Grace Smith
LINX Treatment

Being able to eat all my favourite foods and drink alcohol again without any acid reflux is fantastic.

My reflux symptoms started in January 2017 with the sensation of a lump in my throat...

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Robin lukehurst
Robin Lukehurst
LINX Treatment

After 1 month I am symptom and medication free.

My initial symptom was a pain to the left of the breastbone and started about 18 years ago whilst I was in university trying to drink my own body weight each week...

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Jodie martyndale howard
Jodie Martyndale-Howard
LINX Treatment

I feel healthier than I have in a long time.

Experienced heartburn on and off for years and then started experiencing constant nausea and regurgitation with reflux everyday...

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Russell Theobald

How a tiny necklace of magnets ends misery of heartburn.

Millions of Britons suffer from heartburn caused by acid reflux. A new study has shown that a magnetic Implant can help...

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Avis Trenchard

I can finally eat all my favourite curries, thanks to magnetic implants.

A Scots acid reflux sufferer is finally able to tuck into spicy curries - and it's all thanks to the power of magnets...

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Pauline Saunders

My magic magnets.

Pauline found a novel cure for her nagging cough...

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