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Dr Bernadette Coker

Dr Bernadette Coker
Senior Consultant

Dr Bernadette Coker is a Senior Consultant who has 19 years’ experience in treating a many varieties of medical and respiratory problems. She takes particular interest in the assessment and treatment of sleep disorders. She is a Lead Physician in acute non-invasive ventilation, improving the survival rates of patients who go through respiratory failure.

Dr Coker has enacted innovative treatments and techniques for patients with pleural effusions. Dr Coker has also developed a comprehensive sleep service for those patients who are suffering from sleep disorders with her expertise lying in treating patients who are suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome. She is a champion of patients’ safety, continuously delivering a high quality of care, receiving a Clinical Excellence Award for this work. She has launched a modern allergy service which includes comprehensive testing and immunotherapy. Dr Coker is also an accomplished medical teacher and trainer. She has set in motion a number of national courses for doctors. To find out more information you can visit www.fordoctorsbydoctors.co.uk. She promotes and leads on simulation training for doctors, improving patients’ safety and outcomes. Dr Coker is recognised as an Excellent Clinical Supervisor and she was an ACCS Faculty Member in London Deanery, this included assessing and recruiting doctors into speciality training. Dr Coker will see all general medical and respiratory patients, however, she has a special interest in the assessment of cough, sleep problems, breathlessness, chest pains and allergy testing.

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