Diagnostic Tool


To help you understand your condition, use this validated tool, which is used by specialists and is based on scientific research.

You will be asked a series of questions which you should rank on a scale of 0 to 5 where:

0 is No Symptoms
1 is Noticeable not bothersome 
2 is Noticeable, bothersome, not every day
3 is Bothersome daily
4 is Bothersome and affects daily activity 
5 is Incapacitating to do daily activities 

To give you some idea of what your HRQL score may mean, in a 2015 study of patients whose symptoms were sufficient to undergo LINX surgery, their scores were: 27 for those patients not using PPI’s and 11 for those patients on PPI’s. The higher the score, the worse your reflux

We will ask you 15 questions. Click on the number which represents your response to each question.

Which describes your experience over the past 2 weeks?

How bad is the heartburn?

Heartburn when lying down?

Heartburn when standing up?

Heartburn after meals?

Does heartburn change your diet?

Does heartburn wake you from sleep?

Does heartburn wake you from sleep?

Do you have pain with swallowing?

If you take reflux medication, does this affect your daily life?

How bad is the regurgitation?

Regurgitation when lying down?

Regurgitation when standing up?

Regurgitation after meals?

Does regurgitation change your diet?

Does regurgitation wake you from sleep?

Your score is

1 / 15

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