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You may wish to arrange a consultation with an expert reflux surgeon at a specialist centre near you. Alternatively you can speak to a specialist Reflux nurse over the telephone.

The nurse will discuss your medical history and advise on what diagnostic and treatment options are open to you. This unique service can be booked online. A consultation with the specialist reflux nurse is charged at £25 per telephone appointment.

We also have an on-line diagnostic tool below which may help you understand your symptoms, the results of which you can discuss with the specialist nurse.

To understand more about expert diagnosis with a reflux consultant see our diagnosis page 

Specialist Reflux Nurse: Lee Tomlinson

Lee Tomlinson

Specilaist Reflux nurse Lee Tomlinson

Lee Tomlinson is an experienced clinical nurse specialist, qualifying in 1995 at the Brook General Hospital and University of Greenwich. She has worked with patients with upper gastrointestinal disease for the past 12 years, specialising in reflux disease, oesophago gastric, hepato-biliary malignancies and complex benign upper gastro intestinal disease.

Lee has received two National Institute for Health Research funded scholarships in clinical research, studying at Kings College, London and University of Brighton. She is an active researcher, with areas of interest including the patient story, support and patient identified outcomes. Lee is a member of the Royal College of Nursing.

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This is a unique service offered by Reflux UK and designed to help you understand your condition. In the first instance, rather than seeing a consultant, you may wish to speak to a specialist Upper GI nurse. The specialist nurse will discuss your medical history, talk you through the reflux questionnaire and discuss the various treatment options open to you.

If you would like to discuss your symptoms with a specialist nurse book a telephone appointment here.

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